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Toastmaster - Speech contest

Leave the Comfort Zone - August 9, 2011 - I’d like you to think about a moment when you felt you were growing up. When I was in my sophomore year, my favorite professor Dr. Guo said, "Only when leaving the comfort zone can a person really grow up." The so-called leaving your comfort zone means leaving your family, the friends you are familiar with, and the environment you grew up. Therefore, I made up my mind to study abroad after college. When I was in my senior year, one day I went to a finance professor, Dr. Li's office to ask for advice for schools in the U.S. He gave me a list of all the top schools in the U.S. such as Harvard, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, and so on. The next day I received an email from that professor. A friend of Dr. Li, named Dr. Chow is a finance professor at West Virginia University. He was seeking two students at Dr. Li's department to his new program of master in finance with full tuition waiver. "Studying abroad experience for fr