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What Are Those Children Missing Out?

Race Cars "Is your skirt from Taiwan too?" A curious third grader stared at me right after I showed a group of 20 kids a picture of Chinese New Year that happened to have a crowed of people in it.  "No, I bought it from Ross..." I smiled, while thinking I gotta do a better job dressing up next time!  This took place a number of years ago, when I was sharing the culture of Taiwan with some American young minds. These children, were as curious as those attending private schools, except that they were handicapped by a lack of resources because their parents were not able... or not willing... to help. And then, my time spent on volunteer work plummeted with the birth of our 2nd child. As life started to become crazily busy, I totally lost the ability to volunteer beyond very one-off events here and there in the past couple of years. But, this child raising experience has profoundly inspired my appreciation for the importance of empowered parents in the lives of children