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2013 Dragon*Con - Robot Battles

My husband and I attended Dragon*Con on Sunday for Robot Combat. Dragon*Con is a four-day multi-genre convention that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia on the Labor Day weekend every year. We missed its annual parade on Saturday this year, where parade participants dressed like monsters, superheros, and etc. However, people were dressed up at the convention for the whole weekend. We were busy taking pictures with participants who wore amazing costumes such as the elf and one of Gru's minions in the animation Despicable Me . Robot Combat is a competition where two custom-built machines use various methods of destroying the other or pushing the other out of the arena. The machines are usually remote-controlled. The one we went was Robot Battles, which is the second oldest robot competition following Critter Crunch in Denver. This was the 47th Robot Battles and the 23rd year in a roll that Robot Battles took place at the Dragon*Con convention. Robot Battles was held for Sunday and Mon