How CFA Membership Has Benefited Me

The 2013 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam is around the corner. I volunteered to proctor one of the mock exams with Kaplan this morning. The CFA program is a three-level exam towards earning the CFA designation upon related work experience, and the designation is a global gold standard for finance and investment professionals, particularly in the fields of investment management and financial analysis of stocks, bonds and their derivative assets. I started the Level I exam in 2009, and completed the Level III in 2012. Since then, I have been an affiliate member with both the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Atlanta. I look forward to accumulating four years of related work experience to become a CFA charter holder, hopefully, in 2017!

There are two types of CFA memberships at the Society Level. Regular Membership is for those who have passed CFA Level I and have had four years of related working experience. Affiliate Membership is for those who are not qualified for regular membership. Take me as an example, although I have passed Level III, I have not had enough years of work experience so I am only eligible for Affiliate Membership. However, both regular and affiliate members can have access to the same resources provided by both the CFA Institute and the local CFA society.

The CFA Institute provides learning resources, research tools, career resources, and access to contact info of all the CFA members, which was a great help for me when I was looking for a job several months ago. Two of my favorite features are Morning NewsBrief and getAbstract. When you become a member, the CFA Institute allows you to sign up for Morning NewsBrief, which delivers important financial news to your email box daily. getAbstract is a vendor which summarizes every book into five pages. All the CFA members have access to all the business-related books on getAbstract for free.On the society level, the CFA Society of Atlanta hosts luncheons about once a month, featuring one speaker a time. Sometimes they do dinners as well. One of the dinners was the annual forecasting event back in February 2013, where Jim Rogers was the speaker!

On top of those luncheons and dinners, the society also hosts career events. I have been to one so far, it was back in October 2012 and the topic was about how to get your resume noticed. Since this year, the CFA Society of Atlanta also started to host some pure networking events. The first was a cocktail happy hour in March 2013, free to members and guests - the guests had to pay for their own drinks though.

There are decent amount of volunteer opportunities with the society. Since I started volunteering in October 2012, I have been involved with different programs such as University Outreach - try to get the CFA designation noticed at universities (I have not made progress in my part...), 2013 CFA Institute Research Challenge - a business competition for grad/college students, and the CFA mock exams - as the one today.


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